Music Lessons

Private instruction for popular musical instruments including guitar and piano.


Did you know that music is healthy for you?

Learning to play a musical instrument has positive effects on the mind and body at any age. Studies have shown that it enhances memory & concentration, and helps to promote good health & well-being - something that everybody deserves.

Lessons are 30 minutes each, weekly, with a private instructor between 3pm and 9pm Monday through Friday. Lessons run from early September until mid June, and students are welcome to enroll at any time during the school year.


The cost for 8 introductory lessons is $189.00 and instrument rentals are available.


Danno O'Shea

A big thank-you to Thomas Walls - I really think you should check them out.


Stephen King

I'm very pleased and I look forward to continuing with my learning for years to come.


Kevin Kennedy

Thomas Walls is a great place to be and I would definitely recommend it to people.


Pat Dalcin

I'm living the experience - I understand just where Thomas Walls will get you.


Brooke Lewis

I was both a student and a teacher - everybody there is absolutely awesome!

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